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Good Time Charlies Photo Shoot 1B (6 of
Good Time Charlies Photo Shoot  Color Sp
Good Time Charlies Photo Shoot  Color Sp
Good Time Charlies Photo Shoot  Color Sp
Good Time Charlies Photo Shoot  Color Sp

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We started getting together just for fun several years ago, playing American Jazz standards in the living room of their good friend, Lou Datilio, a guitarist and gymnastics coach. Claudia was just getting into jazz at the time, but as things moved along, she started writing her own tunes. The guys liked them, and they decided to record them. Easier said than done. There was always something that seemed to get in the way, from Claudia's shoulder surgery, to Ben's cross-country RV trip, and ultimately, a pandemic. Even so, they are still playing together and enjoying each other's company.

In the process of putting the recording together, several other people have stepped in to help:

  • Michael Pellecchia is an accomplished clarinet, saxophone, flute, bass, and guitar player. Actually, he can probably play any instrument he picks up. Mike pitched in and played bass while Ben Lovell was away, but when Ben returned, the band decided to have Mike play saxophone on a couple of tunes. He appears on this CD as a Special Guest.

  • Ben Silver also shows up on bass. Ben was the band leader of the Pine Hill Ramblers, a bluegrass band that played all around New England and Upstate New York for 15 years. Ben is a wonderful guitar and bass player, and a former member of the faculty at Berklee School of Music, where he taught arrangement.

  • Rob Kneeland also makes an appearance on drums. He is a member of High Range, a highly-regarded bluegrass band. 

  • Marc McElroy pulled everything together in the Electric Cave Studio. Not only did he record, mix, and master the CD, he also gave helpful advice on getting the best arrangements for the tunes.

  • And we can't forget Milo, Greg's canine companion, who quickly became the band mascot. 

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