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For all ages

Mose, the Cat cover photo

Mose, the Cat

Book and Poppet--$25.00

book only--$7.00


Mose is a cat, an orange cat at that, and a tiger, too. Mose is always getting into trouble, but he can't help it. He thinks he's people! Your child will enjoy chanting, "Scat, Mose, scat," as Mose performs his antics.

Sledding cover photo


Book and Poppet--$30.00

Book only--$7.00


It's all about the hill, a small child and her dog as they spend an afternoon climbing up the hill and sledding down again.

A Bear's Dream cover photo

A Bear's Dream

Book and Poppet--$25.00

Book only--$7.00


What does a bear dream of when it hibernates? This quiet, bedtime book poses this question and more about dreams. Your child will enjoy trying to answer these questions, which can lead to some interesting insights into a child's perspective on dreams and sleep.

Baby Bird card photo

"Feed me! Feed me!"

Card and Poppet $20.00

Card only--$7.00


This is not a book but a card, blank on the inside. Along with the baby bird in a nest, it makes a good baby shower gift, or a fun gift for anyone who has ever been a parent.

A Mose the Cat poppt
A Bear's Dream poppet
A Sledding poppet
Baby Bird poppets

Each book (or card) comes with a handmade poppet.

Every poppet is unique. Contact Claudia if you want to choose from the current selection. Otherwise, she will pick one out for you.

Visit the shop to buy autographed copies directly from t he author.

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