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New Cournoyer 5-String Violin

Steve Cournoyer, a Maine luthier, has made Claudia a 5-string violin. It’s based on the work of Gasparo de Salo, thought to be the inventor of the modern violin. Here’s a link to a podcast about him:

The master craftsman: Gasparo da Salo and his violins

Steve also added plenty of his own ideas to the design, from tuning pegs with built-in fine tuners to a gold leaf Fleur de Lis on the back. The overall size is slightly larger than a 4-atring violin, and the action is much lower than any violin Claudia has ever played. This makes it much easier not only to press down the strings but also to move up the neck. Claudia is excited to see what she'll able to do with it as they get to know each other..

front cover screenshot.png

Trapped in Amber

Claudia has printed a spiral bound book of all of her tunes. She printed a very limited number of copies, but if would like one, let her know. If there's enough interest, she will print more copies and charge only the cost of printing (about $10/copy). You can also download and print copies of individual tunes here.

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