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That's Just What You Do--sheet music

  • Like so many of my tunes, this one was inspired by my life-long friend and lover, John. A few years ago, quite uexepectedly, one of his lungs collapsed. He thought it was a heart attack, but he let it go for three days before saying anything. I figured if it had been a heart attack, he would have died on day one! Along with some chest pain, he had a cough and his voice was hoarse, so I figured it was bronchitis, and I let him drive himself to the ER to get it checked out. He had to have two operations and several weeks of recovery with follow-up visits to the doctor, but he healed nicely and has been well ever since.

    There was a point during his recovery when he apologized for being such a bother. Of course, I couldn’t just say, “That’s all right. No bother. Really.” Instead, I wrote a tune. I hope it speaks to you as it did to John because there are times when we all need to give extra care to someone we love. That’s just what we do. Right?

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